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Helping to bring justice to the injured
for more than 25 years
Oregon Injury Attorney and Client

Robert S. Perkins, Attorney at Law

Portland, Oregon

Robert S. Perkins, a trial lawyer for 30 years, is licensed in Oregon and Washington courts.  Mr. Perkins specializes in handling all levels and varieties of personal injury and wrongful death cases.  In recent years Mr. Perkins has obtained 1.7 million dollar and 1.3 million dollar recoveries in cases involving brain injured children, and this past year a $628,000.00 jury award for a rear end collision accident victim.  Additional six figure recoveries were obtained for victims of drunk drivers, faulty highway drain systems, and defective smoke alarms.  Robert Perkins has also obtained substantial recoveries for psychological injuries suffered by victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment.
Robert S. Perkins also successfully litigates commercial and real estate disputes including victims of business fraud, overreaching developers and border disputes. 

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Mr. Perkins is also affiliated with the law firm of Draneas & Huglin, P.C. which offers a full range of legal services in the areas of tax and estate planning, probate and trusts, business entity formation and transactions, real estate, general business and civil litigation, including a specialized focus on legal support for car collectors and enthusiasts.